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There’s a losing trade, and then there’s this..

Sticking to my original plan, I closed out NH for a loss on Thursday 1/12/17 as it broke below December lows. December had a low of 9.61, so I set my stop at 9.55 with a limit at 9.50. Sure enough, the stop was triggered and I sold NH at 9.51, which turned out to be the LOW of the day on Thursday. Not only the low of the day, the 52 week low, and ALL TIME low for NH (see blue arrow). Brutal. Will continue to follow NH and hope to takeaway a lesson on setting more strategic stops.Stock NH

NH Update 1/8/17

Update- still holding NH from 12/13/16. Fascinated with the HUGE volume on 12/16/16. Wonder who was getting in? Over 4 million shares traded that day vs an average around 200k. In other news, NH to present at the JP Morgan Health Conference on 1/9/17 which is a potential catalyst that could cause volatility. Let’s wait and see. Using recent lows as a stop.

1/12/17 update- sold NH for a loss

Stock NH

NH added to watch on 12/12/16. Bullish candlestick, stochastic oversold, high relative volume. Also showing good support around 10. Bought NH on 12/13/16 at 11.05. Bought more NH on 12/15/16 at 10.39. Bought more NH on 12/30 at 9.88. Avg price is 10.53.