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Sold a little more than half MYGN today at 19.04

Stock MYGN

MYGN daily chart

I’ve been holding MYGN since 2/15/17 at 17.21 and today took partial profits at 19.04. Slightly deviating from my original plan of selling around 20, but I’ve decided to sell some shares at this level because the stock went up to 19.90 earlier this week (Monday 3/13 and Tuesday 3/14). During this time I had my limit sell order in for 19.95 and was so bummed to come within a nickel two times. Since then, it’s pulled back to the low 19’s and I the reason I took some profits today is because I believe MYGN will find some resistance around the 20 area, which it casually approached this week, but not quite. Maybe I should have set my limit for 19.85. From here, looking to close out the position on a pop towards 20 and using the area around 18.50 as my limit to the downside.

New position- Long MYGN at 17.21

Bought MYGN this morning at 17.21 on continuation through this week’s high price of 17.18 from Monday’s trading session. Added this to watch yesterday due to the astronomical volume and from here looking for the stock to reach 20 before making a new 52 week low.

Something going on with MYGN

Stock MYGN

MYGN Daily Chart

Today’s volume in MYGN is something to take note of and I think it might be sign of a reversal about take place. The stock traded 12.9 million shares today versus a 10 day average of 1.8 million. Wednesday, 2/8/17 and Monday, 2/13/17 each saw major buying as well trading 6.5 and 5.2 million shares respectively. Given the stock has been beaten down nearly 50% in the past 12 months and has been oversold on a daily, weekly, and monthly timeframe recently, I think we could easily see MYGN move back to 20 in the next few weeks with continuation over recent highs.