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What to look for in 2018

Refresher: What to look for in 2018? Multi week/month breakouts like the ones below.

Successes from 2017:


LULU weekly chart of 2017

TRP – high volume breakout

TRP daily chart Feb-July 2017

Missed opportunities:

PLCE – high volume breakout

PLCE daily chart Apr-Dec 2017


INTC weekly chart of 2017

VOD – high volume breakout

VOD weekly chart of 2017


What’s the next one?

SD – high volume breakout in progress

SD daily chart

OTEX – high volume breakout in progress

OTEX daily chart

Nice LULU profits after recent earnings

LULU announced positive earnings after hours on Wednesday 12/6 and with the stock surging on Thursday I sold most of my position, about half on the open at 73.23 and a quarter at 72.10. With my original target around 71.50, anything at these levels is icing on the cake. Looking to close out the position on continuation to the upside or if it breaks below Thursday’s low of 71.29.

LULU daily chart from 12/8/17

Gearing up for LULU earnings

I’ve been holding LULU since October 23rd when it broke out of the 4 month range of 56.56 and 63.86. Initial buy was at the price of 64.24 and then added some on November 2nd at 60.89 for an average price of 63.15. In planning the trade, I targeted approximately 71.50 to take profits and using 59 (low price of 10/18) as a stop.

LULU ended the trading day today at 66.36 and is scheduled to report earnings tomorrow, 12/6/17, after the bell.

LULU daily chart from 12/5/17