Daily Archives: February 5, 2017

Closed out NVDQ for a loser- What went wrong

Sold NVDQ on Thursday 2/2/17 at 6.21 for a loss. Taking a closer look at what happened here, for starters losing trades are miserable but they happen. But, glad that I stuck to my game plan– i.e. position size was relatively small. One winning trade has the potential this and another losing trade. Bought the stock on 1/25/17 based on the bullish candlestick, high relative volume and ovesrsold stochastic. I was using the low of 6.25 on 1/19/17 as my stop level and looking back, perhaps I should have given more consideration to the gap down below that level which occurred on 1/11/17. Same story from the HTZ loser in January. As a takeaway, giving more consideration to any recent gap down beneath the area I’m using as support. Not likely to take such a trade in the future.