Daily Archives: January 30, 2017

Down day in the market- Good price action for ZUMZ

Impressed with today’s action for ZUMZ, on a day the S&P 500 was down .6% it was nice to see ZUMZ rally 3.98%, especially the day after I added to my position. Not jumping for joy at this point, but with a bullish view on ZUMZ it was positive to see today’s bullish engulfing candlestick. With ZUMZ closing at 19.6, I have a bit of breathing room from my stop (18.2, low from Tuesday 1/24/17) and starting to envision ZUMZ approaching moving up a couple points to take profits.

1/30/17 update- bought more AOBC and NVDQ

Have been holding AOBC and NVDQ since last week. Shortly after the open today, purchased AOBC at 20.25 bringing my average to 20.62. From here, using the area of 19.89 (last week’s low) as my stop and targeting around 22 to take profits.

Also bought NVDQ this afternoon at 6.48 bringing my average to 6.85. Looking at 6.25, the low from 1/19/17, as my stop area. Still targeting around 8 to take profits.