3 new positions today- Long AOBC, NVDQ, ZUMZ

Shortly after today’s open I was filled on all three possible longs: AOBC at 20.92, NVDQ at 6.9, and ZUMZ at 20.4. All three were on yesterday’s watch list for displaying a bullish candlestick reversal signal, oversold stochastic and high relative volume.

AOBC- bought today at 20.92 on continuation through yesterday’s high of 20.80. Seems that there is some support around the 20 level which I am using as a stop. If it pulls back a bit towards 20, I’ll consider adding more around 20.2. Targeting 22 to take profits.

Stock AOBC

AOBC daily chart

NVDQ- bought today shortly after the open and was filled at 6.90 as the stock broke through yesterday’s high of 6.85. Especially like the high volume recently, specifically the volume spike on the gap down from two weeks ago which could be viewed as panic selling. And now large levels of buyers seen in the volume of yesterday and today’s sessions. Using last week’s low of 6.25 as my stop. Will consider adding to my position if the stocks pulls back towards that area. Targeting around 8 to take profits.

Stock NVDQ

NVDQ daily chart

ZUMZ- bought today at 20.40 as the stock broke above yesterday’s high of 20.30. Yesterday’s bullish engulfing candle looks like the stock could be reversing and indicates that it may have put in a near term low. Therefore, using yesterday’s low of 18.20 as my stop. Looking to add more ZUMZ if it pulls back to 19.30. Targeting 23 to take profits.

Stock ZUMZ

ZUMZ daily chart