Daily Archives: January 8, 2017

Update on SWN- Sold for a loss

Was long SWN from 12/23/16 using December lows as my stop and SWN broke down on 1/4/17 and had to sell for a loss. What a way to ring in the new year. Had SWN on watch from 12/21/16 and did not see continuation and new highs on the following day. Will think twice before getting involved in this such pattern in the future. Moving on to the next one.

NH Update 1/8/17

Update- still holding NH from 12/13/16. Fascinated with the HUGE volume on 12/16/16. Wonder who was getting in? Over 4 million shares traded that day vs an average around 200k. In other news, NH to present at the JP Morgan Health Conference on 1/9/17 which is a potential catalyst that could cause volatility. Let’s wait and see. Using recent lows as a stop.

1/12/17 update- sold NH for a loss

PX Update

Update on PX. Still holding from 11/8/16. Feel like I missed some good opportunities to sell above 124 in mid December. Chalk it up as a lesson learned to not get caught up in the fundamental hype of the stock- ie Praxair/Linde merger chatter. Once the merger was announced on 12/20/16 the stock PX was hit pretty hard. Fortunately has held above November lows which I am using as my stop. Stock is currently oversold and perhaps Friday’s trading session is the beginning of the bulls stepping back in.

Long HTZ

Added HTZ to watch on 1/3/17 (blue arrow) with a bullish candlestick pattern, oversold stochastic and ascending volume. Was looking for continuation on 1/4/17 and bought HTZ at 22.82 shortly after it broke through the 1/3/17 high of 22.68. From here, using December lows as a stop and will consider buying more if it dips down to the 21.80 area. Targeting around 25 to take profits.